Review Bodyline Costume393

I've never saw a review for this costume, so I’ll make one. Sorry for my really bad english. 
So, I bought Costume393 in 2L. A bit larger than my actual measurements because I was afraid that it wont fit.
First thing I noticed was: Is much more pink than in the stock photo and has a least 3 different shades of pink. 

             Stock photo vs actual product in natural light and no-flash.
Can you see the different shades of pink? I think this is really annoying.
Front bow is removable.

The material is 100% polyester and also the lace, but i wasn’t expect some good lace in first place. Fabric do not have a very soft touch. I not wash or ironing yet, but I hope it gets better after I do this.
image                                            Back and side ziper

I found the side zipper really useless, ‘cause this cloth fit me very well. Although, zipper is always welcome.
The skirt has full-shirring and is really easy to wear.
image                                                Some details. 
Collar have theses buttons and i think is really great, so you can use with or without these triangular thing and is very useful when dressing.

Also come with 2 hair ties and is obviously for wigs, because is too big as you can see in the first photo.

Now, let’s go to the PROBLEM.
There’s something wrong with the shoulder. Is too narrow! Everything fits ok, but I can’t raise my arms!! Is painful to lift them! And if I do, the elastic part of waist will come to my neck, really!
And even if they sell large sizes I not recommend this for those who have bigger boobs. I have 95cm/bust and is very uncomfortable, i need to wear sport bras or even a binder to make less… strange.
I already had this problem with a blouse from Bodyline. Everything they make is too narrow in the shoulders.
It cost $27 and I’m really disappointed. Even though, I’ll keep the costume, because my boyfriend really loved this and is a present from him. If I had a petite figure would be a great costume.
And the measurements is not true to the site, bust size is much more than only 96cm, but seam modeling is what fuck everything.
Quality ☆☆☆
Seam Finish ☆☆☆☆☆ 
Price ☆☆☆☆☆

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